Friday, September 29, 2006

Car Problems!

So this morning I found out I needed a new water pump! Aren't car problems great! I think sometimes that cars were specifically designed to empty our wallets...but anyways, I think this morning was a lesson to Amber and I. You see last night was the beginning of our young marrieds group and our study is on seeing our finances through what the Bible says about them. Our first lesson last night was that God is in control. That doesn't mean that He controls us like little robots, but rather what we have, where we are in life isn't because we are sooooo talented and amazing, it's because God has blessed us...everyone in unique ways.

Well I personally think that this morning's car trouble event was just a reminder that our plans are not necessarily His plans....but yet no matter what God is good, and does provide our needs.

Lesson Learned! (Expensive lesson-yes!, but another opportunity to learn surrender rather than thinking we can do everything ourselves)


Our lovestory... said...

You couldn't have said it better, babe!

I love how when one of us is down and letting life get to us, God always gives the other spouse the strength and ability to help the other turn to and focus on God!

Thank you for being the BEST! I love you tons!

Your wifey,

Sarah said...

so yeah, that comment about my car being fine and not having problems..not so...did you hear about my trip back to Roch???

Our lovestory... said...

No! What happened???

Sorry - whatever it is doesn't sound good...

Great seeing you this weekend Sarah!