Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The new and improved kitchen!!!

Jason and I worked very diligently over the Labor Day weekend to scrub the wallpaper guck off of our walls and to paint our kitchen! We love it! I have been set on a "granny smith apple" kitchen for quite some time. Now I have it!

Jason also used his newfound electrician skills to re-wire all of the switches and outlets, giving us fresh new and white switches, outlets, and covers! What skills he has!

Tell us what you think! All that we are trying to do now is find the perfect window treatments. We want to easily let light in when we want it, but also want to keep nighbors out (our "interesting" yet friendly neighbor has his kitchen window in viewing distance). We are looking for roman shades but are having problems finding affordable ones that will fit the window size. We tried purchasing some at JC Penney's website, then to find out that they were back-ordered until December... Who knows, maybe we'll have to wait that long!

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