Thursday, May 10, 2007

Casual Dress

So, I was writing an email to a friend and mentioning our "casual dress" policy here at work. We get to dress more "casually" in late May through the summer until the students come back for classes in August. We only need to dress "business casually" during the regular academic year, but most people do tend to dress nicely. Before I was preggers I did wear suits and jackets and overall, tried to dress "nicely." The problem is, I RARELY see students. My students tend to interact with me via email and phone, so I don't actually see them. This makes my motivation for dressing "nicely" decrease.

Well, this "casual" dress period means that we can wear capri's. Other than that, I am not sure what else it means. We don't have casual Fridays, so we can never wear jeans anyway (thank goodness that jean skirts are permitted - I live in them most summer days). So, since I don't really see the huge distinction between the dress code periods and since no one sees my clothes anyway, I have capri's and flip-flops on today. It is a high of 84 degrees and I am going to watch my hubby play softball right after work - I want to be comfortable. Flip-flops are technically not allowed, but I only wear them if they are heavily jeweled/sequined. So, that to me justifies them as dressy! My other justification is that my preggers wardrobe is limited and my pants I have been wearing are a light tweed and corduroy...not nice fabrics on a warm day. So, I am banking that no one is going to yell at the pregnant lady for her outfit...I probably would start crying if they did!

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Carbon said...

Pregnancy trumps all rules.

I walked around with no shoes around a very business casual office. My feet were swollen and were busting my shoes. No one had the guts to say anything to me :)