Friday, May 25, 2007

I married TALENT!!!

You all know how talented my hubby is in the home remodeling aspect - you see the proof in the pics! But, he is SO talented in oh so many other ways!

I wanted to take the opportunity to brag him up by sharing his company's new website with all of you. Jason did such a FABULOUS job on this project (which at many times, he found quite frustrating!) He did all of the graphics/visuals. My favorites are the pictures he took of little LEGO guys to represent the different things CDN does in the "capabilites" section.

Please do check it out! And, tell him how great he is!


Carbon said...

That's fun.

What the heck are those homey's drinking in those big ole mugs. I personally like that their hats are backwards.

Great job :)

theGATHERING said...

looks amazing using my lunch to email you cuz ive kept you waiting long enough