Monday, May 07, 2007


Sorry it has been a while!

As you can see from the pic, my work trip was to Disney World. Yeah, it sounds great, but it was not like I was there to have fun or anything. I went with a colleague of mine who has two daughters my age. So, we had fun talking about her grandkids and the like. She is easy to talk to. Overall, the trip was uneventful, which I consider a good thing as I was a little nervous about traveling preggers.

We stayed on Disney property at the Polynesian Resort. The resort was very nice and was the closest I know I will get to Hawaii for quite some time! We arrived early Wednesday afternoon (I was up around 4 to leave for the airport - not fun if you know me and know that I like to SLEEP). Between the actual conference and the conference events that took place Wednesday and Thursday evenings, we didn't really have any free-time. No, I did not sit by any pools or beaches. We were barely outside most days!

I would have to say that the best part of the trip was seeing the adorable kids running around (we rode the monorail that connects to Magic Kingdom each day to get to the Contemporary Resort where the conference was). The little girls in their princess dresses just melted me! I started to tear up many, many times just to see the kids so excited to be at Disney (thank-you pregnancy hormones!)

I also loved seeing the Cinderella castle from the monorail (yeah, no luck - we never were able to enter the park) and enjoyed the fireworks on Thursday night as we were walking back from the monorail. Disney is a happy place, but is indeed much happier when you are there with your family. I hope we can take our kiddos there some day!

I did buy Baby Girl some cute little pink mouse ears! I will take a pic and post. And I will definitely have to post a pic of them on her some day!
We saw the play "Fiddler on the Roof" last Saturday - it was a wonderful performance. The food was also delish! Thanks again Mom and Dad B! We really enjoyed the opportunity to see some live theatre. Baby loved the music and moved quite a bit during the show. The format of the theater allowed us to be very close to the stage and actors. Watching the show also made me tear up as I remembered how much I love to sing, dance, and perform. Baby and I will just have to start putting on shows in our living room!
It was a hectic week at work last week recovering from missing several days and preparing to miss last Friday. We left for MN Thursday after work to see MomA's dance recital. She did such a great job coreographing and costuming her students! I also loved that Brittany, Moriah, Autumn, Summer, and Trinity were featured in many dances - solos, duets, and even the whole group of sisters in a number! And, I couldn't help but yell "Go Grandma Dawn" as my Mom did a tap dance with her adult dancers! Baby is proud that her Grandma has such great moves!

We took pics on the "film camera" (I tried to finish a roll of film that was in the camera for over a year in FL. But, I put another roll in while I was there, hence we used the rest during our visit. We also learned that the digital camera would have been much better for the recital. Can't wait to post all of the pics of my sisters' backs...) So, hopefully we can scan some pics and post when they are in.

Baby is nice and active - Jason felt her for the first time on Friday - YAY! And, my Mom and sisters took turns getting some "feels" on Saturday. She really was active while at their house - there is a lot more noise and energy than she is used to! I could tell she loved it, though!

Oh, and I couldn't help but laugh that she was not only active through most of the recital, but particularily active during the BARNEY songs that the little kids danced to! Oh no, we have another Barney lover in the family already!

This week will fly by again, I am sure, as we both are taking Friday off again to head back to MN for MomJ and Hannah's recital. This is MomJ's first recital as the owner of her own studio! We will be on hand to lend lots of help and enjoy the show (we get to help with 2 and watch 1!) I have a cold (I think I caught it on the airplane) which made last-minute rhinestoning and hair-piece-making fun on Friday (I managed not to get snot on any of them, I think...) Anywho, hopefully I will be in full health by this weekend's recitals.

Hopefully pics to come in the near future...depends on when I can drop the film off! How did we live up until a year ago without a digital camera?!?!


Anne W said...

WOW Amber - Sounds like you have a lot going on:) I would love to see some prego pics of you again. It is fun to watch the babes grow. You are going to be a wonderful mother. Have a wonderful weekend and wish Jeanne luck for me.

Carbon said...

I would think any trip w/o the hubby wouldn't be as great. Mine is my best friend so if I'm without him somewhere, it's never as great.

You shouldn't worry about travelling while pregnant. I was a big 6 months when I went to hawaii and Oxy was 14 months. That was a "fun" flight I tell you!