Friday, May 25, 2007

I've been tagged!

Trisha tagged me to share 7 Random Things... Let's give this a quick try!

1. I can't stand stepping on crumbs or sand or other bits of things on the floor in my home. Thus, we do not wear shoes in the house. Even through socks, my feet are able to detect the smallest particle under my feet, which then, I must pick off and throw away in disgust. I know that our baby will make lots of crumbs... Someone, please buy me a dust buster for my birthday! Maybe the kind on a long handle?!!?

2. I also don't like germs. I am "that person" who toilet papers the public seats and opens bathroom doors with paper towels. Dang those places who have blow dryers and not towels in the bathroom! Also on a related note, please shut your toilet lids before flushing! The toilet germs do whirl out with the flush. And, who likes to look at the inside of a toilet? Especially follow this rule if you have your toothbrushes out on the counter...

3. I loved reading books up until high school. I didn't read a book again for pleasure until after I graduated from college. Now, I love reading and am addicted to certain authors including Karen Kingsbury and Nicholas Sparks. I also enjoy reading cookbooks and magazines. Jason will tell you I have too many of both! I can't help I receive so many free subscriptions!

4. I can't wait to meet our baby girl! I have to verbalize this at least once a day! But, despite my excitement, I do want her to stay in there and keep cookin' until she is good and ready to come out!

5. I worry...a.lot. I also think through things waaaayyyyyy to thoroughly sometimes. This leads to my inability to make decisions very quickly. I never want to make mistakes or regret things; so, I thoroughly think through even the smallest of decisions/situations.

6. I lotion my whole body every day after showering. I think that is why my skin is quite soft! I use unscented lotion so that my perfume isn't tainted by the smell of smelly lotions. Smelly lotions are reserved for my hands only. Which, I usually apply some every night before bed.

7. I like words. Some of my favorites are: plethora, splendid, phenomena, and facetious. I am annoyed by a few words that people often use - "un-thaw" and "irregardless" to name two. You can tell that it is the end of the day Friday before a long weekend...I can't even remember more of the words that I love and am annoyed by, despite my love for words! I will have to edit the post later!

Thanks for the fun, Trisha! Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend, all!

*Oh, and I tag Sarah, Jennie, Sandie, and Sarah Cool!


Carbon said...

I hate the crumbs and stuff underfoot too. I find it highly irritating but I've learned to mellow a bit because it's nearly impossible with two kids to not step on such. Now I'm just grateful not to step on spilled milk or juice.

Jennie C. said...

We saw a Mythbusters episode once where they tested that toilet germs on the toothbrush theory. It was determined that it didn't matter in the slightest. The toothbrush they kept out in the office had just as much fecal matter on it as the ones around the bathroom. It didn't matter how close they were to the toilet, either.

On a related and equally disgusting note...maybe moreso, actually...78% of all ground beef is contaminated with fecal matter from the rapid disembowling of cattle at meat packing plants. It has also been found that there is way more fecal matter IN THE KITCHEN SINK than in the toilet. Yuck! This last bit is from Fast Food Nation. Don't read it if you like burgers.

Our lovestory... said...

Carbon - stepping in WETNESS - oh how I forgot to comment on that! Another reason it is essential to take off shoes when entering the house - WINTER! There is nothing grosser than stepping in a wet spot from melted snow! Stepping in milk or juice...mmmmmmm...

Jennie - You are really grossing me out with the toothbrush facts! I was supposed to read "Fast Food Nation" in college. I read some of it, but admit, not the whole thing. I sold it, but kind of regret it as I think I would appreciate it more now! I will have to pretend I didn't read this as I make our beef tacos tonight... I know that you put very good things in your family's bodies - do you use meat?

Jennie C. said...

Yes, we are omnivores around here. Because of the high price of ground beef, and the much lower price of roasts, I've been using the food grinder attachment for my mixer to make my own ground beef. Tastes better, no disgusting crunchy bits, and, no matter how fatty the roast appears, it's very lean. THEN I read Fast Food Nation and I was convinced to keep on with it. I CAN'T WAIT till we can raise our own meat! There a repercussions far beyond the simple quality of foodstuffs.

Trisha said...

Totally grossed out now. Still love beef. Why do I even brush my teeth?