Wednesday, February 20, 2008

At Daddy's Request: Pictures!

Evelyn displaying one of her new favorite passtimes - grabbing her toes! It is very fun to watch! She immediately rolls to her back if I place her on her tummy. She is learning more and more every day how to maneuver her body how she wants it. She also is playing more and mare every day with toys. She will feel for them and even grab her toes, roll to her side, and grab them. I know she'll be rolling to her tummy soon, too!

Not only is she a cutie, but this pic from last week shows her new talent - when she grabs her toes and rolls on her side, she also moves herself around. She is usually 180 degrees around a few mintues after I lay her down and off of her little play mat - as shown here!
Fun times with daddy last weekend! I am trying to play extra with her at night since she is missing daddy playtime!

We love you Jason/Daddy!


Our Love Story said...

Thanks for the!!

I miss my girls!!!!

Anne said...

She is adorable! I bet you guys are enjoying the new tricks every day! I hope you and Jason are both in EC together soon. Anne

Auntie Autumn said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! Pretty soon sophia will be learning how to do that when her favorite cousin comes over!


sister summer said...

cutie cant wait until u move to eau claire so i can see the cutie more often!!!