Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm Shedding

My postpartum hair loss has reached a peak... I thought until about a month ago that I was going to mysteriously be void of having the whole postpartum hair loss that I had read about in books.

Nope. It is here, and here in a larger magnitude than I thought possible.

Supposedly pregnant women don't lose any hair like normal people do who shed some every day. So, after pregnancy, you are supposed to lose all that un-shed hair. Like I mentioned, I read that this was going to happen, but didn't know how grossed out I would be when it did...

I have a large paddle brush that I use to brush my hair while I blowdry it after showering every day. The brush has seriously been FULL after I am done lately. Then, there is the hair on the bathroom floor and the hair stuck all over my shirt after I blowdry. On top of that, there is the hair I find all over the house, and on Evelyn, and Jason. The hair all over the house is what baffles me as my hair goes into a ponytail almost immediately after I am done drying it and remains that way about 23.5 hours out of the day... The worst part of this has been the KNOTS that have happened in my hair. Last week, I almost cried at the size of the knot that I brushed out. We're talking baby rodent sized hairball (okay, I might be over exaggerating a bit on that! :-) But, once again, how do knots form when my hair is pulled back at all times (including sleeping) and is brushed frequently?

How much more hair can I lose??? And, if I have to lose hair, can't I also lose the hair on my legs and underarms since I like to be rid of that? :-)

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auntie autumn said...

ha ha...don't we all wish we could choose the hair we loose. it would be much better for the some of us that don't have very much hair!