Thursday, February 28, 2008

To vacation, or not?

My mom, step-dad and their clan (7 kids and baby granddaughter Sophia) are going on a vacation to Mexico. Exciting, right? They will be leaving before Easter and will be gone for three weeks. (What am I going to do without having my husband at home AND without being able to call my Mom? I am not sure...)

Anyhow, my mom recently suggested that Evelyn and I join them for part of their trip. At first, I was all for it. Then, the reality of what that entails hit me. Travel alone with a baby. Rush to renew my passport and get her one. Not be able to communicate with Jason as much. Keep both of us out of the sun (we are as white as they come!) And a myriad of other things.

I emailed Jason with the "proposal" of us going, assuming he would be hesitant to say the least. But, he was all for it! Due to our situation, we as a family won't probably be financially ready to vacation for a while - like years. He knows I love to travel and that we'd have a great time. Don't I have a great and supportive hubby!?!

So, here I am. Stuck with a really big decision that I need to act quickly on. I think I could make it all work. Apparently my local congressman is great with helping people expedite passports. I would have very little expenses, too, which of course is a plus.

I am THE most indecisive person. I sit and contemplate every little purchase and decision. A dollar is a lot to me, so I don't go making quick decisions,especially when it is regarding money.

So, what should I do? Seize the moment and opportunity and just "do it?" Or, lay low and just drool at the photos when they get back?

The warm sunny beaches of tempting!

UPDATE: I have decided not to go to Mexico. It is just too fast of a decision and we really CANNOT afford to go. But, thanks for the encouragement of those who said to "just do it!" It is fun to have people backing your whimsical dreams!


Auntie Autumn said...

Hey Amber and Evelyn! As your sister, i totally think you should go with us...but you know i don't have to think of all the expenses and so on. Its really your decision, but if you're asking for advice, take some time away from cold minnesota and wisconsin and come to mexico with us! REMEMBER: its what YOU want to do no matter what ANYONE else says! (besides you husband of course) :)

i love you guys so much and hope you decide to go on the trip!

auntie autumn

Anne said...

Oh Amber - you have to go! You will remember this trip forever and may regret it if you don't. I say do it! You will have a wonderful time:)

Bla Bla said...

of course you know my vote...go for it.......!!!! ha..can i come?...:)....happy 6 mos to evelyn!
auntie sarah

Dawn Anderson said...

Well we are totally disappointed with your decision and can't wait until next year when Jason can come and then we can all make special memories without anyone missing! We love you all.

Love Mom Anderson