Monday, March 03, 2008

Stuck in My Head

I get songs stuck in my head A LOT! Do any of you? Unfortunately, sometimes this phenomena makes me dislike songs that I truly like! The worst is when I have the song stuck in my head and it keeps me from falling asleep at night or keeps me up if I wake up in the middle of the night.

Anyhow, I have lately had "Journey to the Past" from Anastasia stuck in my head constantly. Since Jason is gone, Evelyn and I rented some girly movies last week from the $1 section - A Cinderella Story and Anastasia. I knew a lot of the music from Anastasia, but had never actually seen the movie in its entirety. It was a cute movie. There are a lot of celebrity voices - Meg Ryan, Angela Lansbury, and Kelsey Grammar to name a few. The music is very fun and catchy! Evelyn and I enjoyed singing and dancing to the "sing-along" feature on the DVD - she had her first waltz! Good times!


Nermal and Kitty said...

Hi Amber-I came over from Jennie @ Far Beyond Pearls. I love your baby, Evelyn. What a doll! I read back several posts and just want you to know what a great attitude you have. God is in control even when it's hard. I will say a prayer that your little family will be reunited soon with a house sale & a move!

Anne said...

How fun! I can picture the two of you singing and dancing away:) Did you decide about the trip yet?

Auntie Autumn said...

I love the movie Anastasia....we used to have it but i think we lost it over the move. oh well....i guess when we come to west bend we will have to rent it again. i can't wait to see you again.

love you

auntie autumn

Jennie C. said...

Once upon a December is my favorite tune from that movie. We've had it for a couple of years, but I only just realized the other day that it was Meg Ryan. :-) It's hard to place a disembodied voice!

Our Love Story said...

Autumn - I was tired when I did this post - meant to write about the fact that I fell in love with the music from the movie because of YOU singing it to me!

Big Sis Amber

sister summer said...

i love the music too!! it is a very interesting movie!! cant wait to see you!! that is a very good movie! have not seen that in a long time!! i want to though i have been thinking about where it could have gone!! love you sooo much!!!!


sister summer said...

oops i have not seen that in a long time!!

love you,