Sunday, March 30, 2008

On Customer Service

I think that I can no longer shop at Target. Why? Because they irritate me SO much. (Unfortunately I am sure that this is an empty threat and that I will be back there...they do carry some things that Walmart does not). Target has such poor customer service! I think I have even posted about this before because it has bugged me for so long.

Two recent incidents at Target: I had something to return with a gift receipt. The gift receipt was "expired." Too bad for me - they were not going to take it back! Finally, they told me that I could give them my driver's license to return the item - you can return two items per year without a receipt by showing your driver's license. Okay, I guess - annoying since I had a receipt - but okay, whatever. Then, this past week I tried to return another gift without a gift receipt. They tried to tell me that they did not carry the item. I knew they did, so I carried Evelyn to the back of the store to get the item off of the shelf and haul it back to the customer service area. It was packaged in slightly new packaging, so I am guessing that is why my item did not show up in the system. The girl was like, "okay, I guess we do carry the item." I was excited, as I had my one more return for the year without a receipt left! She then proceeds to tell me that I cannot return the item because they do not accept returns for items over $20. The item was $24.99. I said "just give me a gift card for $20 then." "Sorry, we can't do that." Arghhh!!! I proceeded to find out that the store manager could do nothing to help me and that all I could do was call a number and complain - I was assured that calling and complaining still would not allow me to return the item. Yes, this is why I also registered at Walmart when we were expecting and why I wish everyone would have shopped there! Sometimes you don't realize until your baby is older what you will not need, and you'll want to return it later - maybe even with a gift receipt! But oh no, you won't be able to return it!

Target returns have also burned me in the past. My mom gave us a pan for Christmas a couple of years ago that I needed to return. We took it back with the gift receipt. When talking to my mom about the pan we bought as a replacement, I told her how much we got back for the returned one. She just about threw a fit as Target didn't give me back nearly as much as she paid! She marched down there with the original receipt and lo and behold, their records did indicate I was given an amount less than she paid. She got her difference back! So, beware - even if you give someone a gift receipt there, they might now get back what you paid. To me this illustrates ghastly customer service.

Lastly, Target employees always seem to ball up any clothes that I buy and shove them into the bag. This has been at every Target - across at least two states. I know they are not going to fold the item in tissue paper or anything, but at least have the decency to not shove it into the bag. Seriously, pay attention next time you buy an item of clothing there...

In contrast, Walmart takes my stuff back all the time. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I know some people do not like Walmart. But, it is what we have in town and there is really no alternative for me to buy household necessities. Plus, they also give me the local grocery store's sale price on items if I show their weekly ad. This saves me time and gas as I am not going from store to store to buy sale items each week. To me, Walmart clearly wins the "customer service award."

Speaking of great customer service, I also received some from another company this week. We took out our Evenflo highchair this week. As Jason was assembling it I freaked out when there was no tray insert/liner. I specifically wanted that feature on a high chair and I was positive that the display model had a tray liner when we picked it out that the store. When I emailed Evenflo, they told me that our model did not come with a tray liner, but they sent me one free of charge as good customer service. Yay for Evenflo! We had a similar good experience with Graco as their was a minor flaw in our stroller's fabric. Graco also sent us an entire new seat free of charge - no questions asked. Apparently Evenflo and Graco know that moms talk and that good customer service is essential!


Tara said...

Target's return policy is really, well, stupid.

Maybe you can sell the item on craigslist? We've always had good luck with that. :)

Anne said...

Wow Amber, I am so sorry you dis-like Target soooo much. I know the return policy sucks, but for some reason I still love that store and seem to do almost all of my shopping there. I have a hard time shopping at Wal-Mart for other non-shopping reasons. I do see your point though. Have a nice Monday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amber,
I have the same complaint about Target's return policy. I hate it! But Wal-Mart is much farther from home than Target, so I always end up there. LOVE the new picture!

auntie autumn said...

target has a few problems about that! i don't know what we can do about it though. evelyn looks so cute in that picture