Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why I love having a girl

Have I mentioned how much I like finding deals? Well, I do. It is in my blood. Anyhow, since I am about the girliest girly-girl there is, I have had it in my mind that Evelyn would one day have a canopy-esque something or another draped over her bed. Well, a few weeks ago I went to the mall and found THIS! Not only was it beautiful, it was so affordable. Originally $50 at the Disney store, clearanced out to $7.50!!! I could not buy all of the fabric and materials to make it for that price. Since we are moving I am not allowed to take anything new out or hang anything up. But, you better believe, this is SO going above the crib as soon as we move! The girl on it is from the new Disney movie Enchanted. I rented it today - very cute. Maybe someone will get it for Evelyn's first birthday or something... (hint, hint:-)

And, who doesn't love little lacy anklets on a girl?!? I bought tons of socks at a garage sale this summer and took the next size out about a month ago. There are a bunch of frilly ones in this size. I hope they still fit once our weather is nice enough to show them off! For now, I just admire them at diaper changes! Cute thighs, huh? I feel terribly that she did lose some weight from this sickness. It is probably in my head, but her little thighs seem smaller now... I love those little chubs!

I love having a girl!

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