Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We're still here!

I realized it has been two weeks since a post...

Evelyn and I stayed with the Andersons (my mom and family)last week, so that is my reason for not posting then. But, now, we are busy recovering from Evelyn having a double ear infection. She started to act sick starting on Friday morning, but after consulting the good old Dr. Sears's "The Baby Book," we chalked it up to teething. She is teething the doc said - teeth within the next few weeks he thinks.

At midnight with a fever of almost 103 degrees, we knew otherwise. I spent the night trying to get her fever down and comfort her. Neither Evelyn nor I got any sleep as she was so uncomfortable and I don't sleep sitting up well which is how I had to remain to keep her calm. We went to urgent care as soon as they opened and found out about the double ear infection. She is on the 4th day of Amoxicillan and I can tell is getting better. But, her drainage is still very bad and neither of us have slept well since Thursday night. She wakes with so much drainage that she cries, rubs her nose, tugs on her ears, and is so sad that she is awake and can't breathe! This is anywhere from 1 minute to 1 hour after she falls asleep. We are up A LOT. I use the nose "aspirator" (aka booger sucker) on her and only get something out about 1/3 of the time. You can hear all of that drainage when she breathes - so sad - it must really be up in her sinuses and draining right into her throat. I sure hope that I did not give her my terribly draining sinuses...

So, we are here, just a little under the weather! I have plenty of my own drainage, too. Yuck and a half!

Evelyn is busy growing and learning new things. She has perfected rolling across the whole room in a split second. She is working on sitting up - in about 2-3 minute spurts, and she is vocal, vocal, vocal!!! Her new trick is having us put a finger horizontally across her mouth and she starts to "sing" as we move out finger up and down - she loves the vibration-like sound it makes.

The Andersons left for Mexico yesterday. I can only assume they arrived safely. If you did not see my update to the vacation post, we have decided not to go. My Johnson (dad, step-mom, sister) family just got back from Mexico last week. See why I wanted to go? Everyone is doing it! :-)

Cloth diapering is going well! Evelyn has a cute (slightly bigger) cloth-diapered bottom to show for it!

Still haven't sold the house. Annoying! God is obviously teaching us about patience. We are trying to graciously accept the lesson. I was particularily annoyed today when a showing was cancelled only 15 minutes beforehand. I had spent over an hour preparing the house for the showing. At least they re-scheduled for Thursday.

I plan to post more soon with more details and pictures about some of these tidbits!


sarah cool said...

poor evelyn!! there is nothing sadder than a stuffed up, sick baby. :( get better soon!

Jeni said...

I'm glad Evelyn is feeling better now. We had several bad ear infections last summer, including a ruptured eardrum and several nights with a fever over 104F - that'll jumpstart your prayer life!!

Anne said...

Hey Amber - I am so sorry to hear about your babes under the weather. That can not be fun. I am glad you had some time with your family. Have you guys planted St. Joseph in the yard yet???