Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bloggy Friends in "Real Life"

So, I have now talked with three bloggy friends in real life! :-)

First came Cjoy, who was great and talked with me about natural labor, nursing, co-sleeping, etc. on the phone for at least an hour in the month before Evelyn was born. She gave tons of helpful advice! She made me feel so comfortable talking with her - she is so easygoing, sweet, and down-to-earth.

Then, there was a couple of weeks ago when I GOT TO MEET Sarah Cool! So fun! She was in our area for work and we met up for lunch. We talked as if we were old friends that went way back! Can't you tell how much fun we had?

Today I talked on the phone with Jennie for the first time. I call Jennie my "online mentor" as I have been going to her via email with mothering questions since about the day I found out I was pregnant! :-) We had a nice conversation about an assortment of things. Jennie has a great voice as you can hear her smiling over the phone!

I wish that all of my bloggy friends lived closer so that we could get together more in "real life." What a neat blessing it has been to be able to interact with three Godly women whom I never would have encountered if it weren't for blogging! So neat!

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sarah cool said...

yay! it was SO much fun. i just loved meeting you and evelyn!!