Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bouncing Baby

Evelyn has found the pleasure of jumping in her Johnny Jump-Up. Thanks to Auntie Andrea for passing it down to us! She was an even better bouncer yesterday for Grandma Sharon who came all the way to play with us for a while. But, I didn't get a good video of that bounce session. Enjoy her cuteness!


Auntie Autumn said...

I can totally remember when dawson was jumping in one of those at her age. She is so adorable. Again i have the cutest nieces on the whole world. We can already tell that she will love coming to grandma and grandpa's house to come jump on the trampoling when she's a little bit older...(that is if you let her)



Auntie Autumn said...

sorry! i meant trampoline up there!

love.......auntie autumn

Dawn Anderson said...

Wow my pretty "girla" is a great jumper and Grandma Dawn is so very proud of you. I miss you all so much and it seems like forever since I have seen you all. Evelyn is doing so many tricks that I can't wait to see in person. Am praying for the sale of your home daily...all in God's timing...since that is always the very best. Love you all.

Grandma and Mom Anderson

summer said...

she is growing up so fast and she is already bouncing up and down like a bunny with her little bunny feet. she seems so happy. she obviously loves the camera because she turns around and looks and smiles at it. so little niece. she is always dressed so cute and you always get cute pictures of her. awesome. i want my baby to be photogenic. well i better go see you soon