Monday, February 11, 2008

Terribly. Terribly. Sick.

I have never been so ill in my life (that I can remember at least). I was so incredibly sick that I would have rather had another natural childbirth than have the flu again (Evelyn is only 5 months - I TOTALLY remember the pain - and vividly!) The reason I would rather have another baby is that then at least 1)the agony is shorter and 2)you have people there helping you.

I started to feel a little under the weather before bed on Saturday night. Sunday I woke up with a fever and had to go back to bed. I got up the energy to bathe Evelyn, shower, and pack both of our suitcases as we had planned to go with Jason and stay at the B&B with him. I figured if I had to be sick, I would rather be with him.

I did okay until the last hour of the drive when I started to feel super crummy and feverish again. I also had started to cough a lot.

The feeling of being hit by a truck appeared somewhere in there and I was so miserable that I barely slept. I was so miserable the whole week that I don't think I slept hardly at all until Thursday night. I called the doctor here in our home town and the nurse said that if I was in town I should probably come in to get some medicine that would take a day off of the flu. I figured, "I am a tough cookie. I will survive." By Tuesday morning I was in tears and was convinced I was on my death bed. I barely had the energy to sit up, let alone eat and be the sole caretaker for my little Evelyn. And, to make matters worse, I was not at home. Jason left work and took me to urgent care Tuesday afternoon and I came back with a $50 (ouch) perscription for the flu and also one for the sinus infection that the flu was causing.

I thought that after two doses of medication I would be feeling even a little better by Wednesday. Nada. Nope. Just an even more raw nose/mouth area from the post-nasal drip. I went as far as to shove tissue up my one nostril while I slept to keep from dripping on Evelyn! I also had to resort to asking strangers for help. I had the B&B owner's son who had stopped by the B&B go and buy me a sandwich. I was too weak to even make anything. I also had to call our Realtor that we are looking at homes with to go and buy me some Powerade. I don't usually like to ask for any help, but having a baby taught me that sometimes you just need to ask. Jason was busy working long hours and I was stuck in a place where I hardly knew anyone and had none of my usual support system.

And, as if things could not get worse, Evelyn woke up crying and burning up on Thursday morning. Poor little thing. I stripped her down and dug up enough strength to try and sing-song talk and sooth her as I tended to a sick baby that day. I cried as I could not bear thinking of my precious little daughter even having the slightest amount of this horrible flu.

I have truly never felt so horrible for so long. By Friday morning I finally had some relief. We made it home that night around 5:00 and had a very low-key weekend.

It is almost 5:00 on Monday night and I am still not feeling close to 100%. But, I am much more functional. Evelyn seems to be doing pretty well, too. Thank the Lord that she did not get severely sick. We still have matching barky coughs and we're both particularily congested at night.

Aghhhh.... I guess flu shots are a really good thing. That is, if you are exposed to a strain that is covered in the shot!

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Jennie C. said...

Oh, Amber! I'm so sorry you've been so sick!