Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Evelyn is 5 months today - I can hardly believe it! She is getting so strong - I bet she will be sitting up in no time. She "flicks" herself back though when she sits - this scares me, as my arms or the Boppy pillow won't always be there to cushion her fall!
Jason started his new job last Monday. He liked it. It is very different that what he used to do - much less creative. But, he thinks that he will grow to enjoy the job, that he will be able to learn new things, and that the position will be less stressful. The largest benefits to his new position are the flexible hours - he just needs to put in 40 hours per week - and the availability of overtime. His previous position required 45 hours. The new company encourages overtime because they are so busy, and so even if Jason continued working 45 hours a week that he is used to, the 5 hours of overtime pay would be very helpful for our budget.

Last week I stayed a few nights with Jason at the B&B that he is staying at and the others at my mom's house. The woman who runs the B&B is very nice. It turns out that she left for Mexico last week and will not be back until mid-March! So, other than Jason and one other guest who stays two nights for work purposes, the place is empty! The owner said that Evelyn and I are welcome to stay with him whenever we want and that we can all even stay on weekends! Praise the Lord! It is so great to have the option to be with him during the week and be in a "home" setting with a kitchen and living area to use.

So, I called and gave my notice at work since I will be spending time in the new city during our transition. My last day is Friday! This will relieve so much stress from me. Trying to work 20 hours a week from home has proven to be much more work thank I had anticipated. We are hoping and praying that our budget will work out so that I won't have to work in the new city.

We did put on offer in on a home in the new city - contingent upon our home selling. We'll see what they think about it - it was quite a bit lower than the asking price.

No offers yet on our home. We have had two second showings and one couple still interested, yet they are trying to sell their own home before putting in an offer. God has worked out all of the other details "to a T," so we know He'll work out this whole house thing.

Friends have been SO gracious this week to me as I am home alone with Evelyn. Two dinner invites already! I am so blessed to have such great friends! My one friend lent me the Bumbo chair that Evelyn is sitting in. She is hanging out in it now as I type. Leaving behind my friends here will be the hardest part - I have made so many great friends here. But, with good friends, no matter how much time passes, you can pick up right where you left off!

We will keep you all posted! Thanks again for all of the prayers!


cjoy said...

I canNOT believe it's been five months already! Where has the time gone??? These babies, man, they grow so incredibly fast. (I won't tell you that she's almost halfway to her first birthday!) She is absolutely beautiful. What fun each stage is...

Our Love Story said...

Awwwwww!!! My punkin!!! I miss you two!!!

Anne said...

She is getting so big!
Hang in there - you will all be back together in no time. But I understand how you must be missing Jason. I hope it sells very soon and I can not wait to have you closer - in EC!

Bla Bla said...

so CUTE, happy 5 month Evelyn!....thanks for the pictures....she is adorable....cant wait to see you again

auntie sarah

Trisha said...

What an update. Great pictures, too. I definitely need one of those Bumbo chairs. Hannah needs to sit up more instead of trying to crawl!!! Everything will work out the way it is intended too. Just you wait.

Jennie C. said...

I love the notes in the photos. Very creative!

As for sitting and flipping...it's because she's still too little. :-) I'm guessing that she got into the sit because you helped her. In a couple more months, she'll be able to do it by herself, and she won't flip herself backwards like that, either. AND she'll have the pride of learning how to do it all by herself!

Carbon said...

I'm soooo glad that you have been able to be altogether! I would so incredibly miss my hubby if he was gone. I'm glad that's working in your favor.

I'm crossing my fingers that all will be settled for you.

Dawn Anderson said...

Oh my goodness isn't she just the cutest thing you have ever seen? I can't wait to see her again. Five months and not enough visits! Well before you know it you will be closer....I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Thanks for sharing the adorable photos.

Love, Mom Anderson

Auntie Autumn said...

Hey Amber and Evelyn! I have the TWO CUTEST nieces EVER! Sophia is always looking at your picture from when Evelyn was born that is in our kitchen and starts right on talking...(Hint: i think that means she misses you!) I love you guys so much and can't wait till you live closer so we can see you more often.

Auntie Autumn :)