Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What's in the mail today?

I have always enjoyed getting the mail. Usually there is primarily junk mail, but the days when we receive "personal" mail are so great! My favorite types of mail: of course, any handwritten letter or note (sadly, myself included, these are rare in the age of email); a letter from our Compassion International sponsored child in Ethiopia; birthday cards; Christmas cards; things you buy online (with internet at home and a baby,this is becoming so much more appealing and occurs more often!); and for me, the bargain shopper, COUPONS!*** Jason (bless his heart) pays all of our bills and most of them he pays online. This makes mail more fun, too, as you don't feel inundated with bills coming everyday! ***I am sure that this use of the semi-colon was incorrect; as I know "listing" after a colon is usually done with a comma. But, I am finding that I love run-on sentences and descriptions, further needing to use more commas, and I felt that all those commas would get confusing! :-)

Speaking of internet shopping, guess what items we purchased that I am SO excited for?!?!

This is a Peanut Shell sling that I won on Ebay. I am very excited to get it because Evelyn is enjoying starting to sit on my hip (her little legs are a bit small still) and I know that this will be great to use. She loves to be held, and I love holding her! The Baby Bjorn has been a lifesaver, but I am ready to give her a new view and be able to "tummy up" to the sink, stove, etc. using the sling and hip carry position. I researched some "ring slings," but I think that not having a tail will be nice and I loved the modern prints that these came in. Priority Mail won't be fast enough!
Little Evelyn is going to love this thing! We have put her in them other places and she loves it. She does not really like to lie on the floor - she likes to be up and with the big people! Walmart's free "site to store" shipping has worked great for us in the past. But, we have been waiting two weeks already for this... Maybe today will be the day that it comes in!


Jennie C. said...

Did it come? We had one of those once, given to us, but it takes up too much room in our small and crowded (with people) homes, so I gave it away. They're nice, though!

Our Love Story said...

Thursday update: neither item is here! Argh! Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Hope they come today. They both will be great when you are alone with the babe all week long. It was great seeing you on Tuesday. Hope to see you again soon!