Thursday, January 10, 2008

Firsts - Installment #3

Warning: Pictures in this post might be considered graphic to some...
I am not usually one who discusses bodily functions, but since becoming a mom, I have found that when Jason calls me or asks about my day, I often have to tell him about Evelyn's diapers for the day! Since I have gone back to work, this has lessened, but it still happens.

Now comes the day where I am doing a poo post... Not just an ordinary poo post; but a post about the BIGGEST EXPLOSION (hence, a "first") that I think I have ever witnessed (and I have changed many diapers between having eight siblings, babysitting, nannying, and working at two daycares). The other day, Evelyn managed to not only have her usual explosion up most of her back, but she managed to explode down her ENTIRE leg, too! There was baby poo that filled the little back of the snap at her ankle! She is very "regular" and this was not after some long bout of not going - she had gone a few hours before and again the next morning!

It gave me a great laugh! Thank goodness for soak pails of OxyClean!

Evelyn's outfit - see the poo in the snap hole?

The onesie. I spared you all pics of the actual diaper itself that was completely filled. She is in the right sized diaper too - she is 14lbs 3oz and the diapers are supposed to be up to 18lbs!

Adorable Evelyn after the bath she desperately needed after the explosion. She looks relieved, wouldn't you say?

Sorry to any of you that think this is gross! Part of the life of a mostly SAHM! :-)



cjoy said...

Oh the poo-filled life of a mommy! And yeah, talking about bodily functions just starts to be a normal thing suddenly...heehee! She's gorgeous.

And thank you for praying!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.

Jennie C. said...

You know, I was just thinking. I've been using cloth diapers for the last four kids, and while we have an occasional mess, we don't have anywhere near as many as we did when we used disposables. No diaper rashes, either, which was the reason for the switch in the first place. Pooped up or no, she's a cutie, though!

Our lovestory... said...

Jennie: Your posts about cloth really tempt me to make the switch... You make it seem so easy! I know it is an investment in the beginning, it would pay off quickly. Evelyn does get diaper rashes and I always feel so bad when she does.