Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Cutie Pie

I am grooming her for the love of laundry!
Hoodies on babies are cute, but oh-so-impractical!
Only rolls on a baby are cute! I love her little nudie lotioned up body after a bath!


Carbon said...

That's funny, I have a picture of my daughter in the laundry basket JUST like that one too. Classic baby photography huh? :)

(I miss baby rolls - my kids grew out of them sooo fast ;-( boo hoo)

Dawn Anderson said...

I think the one in the laundry basket is my favorite too! I need to be there to take some photos of my own too! Hoping maybe that will be very soon. XOXOXOXOXO

Love, Mom (and Grandma) Anderson

Auntie Autumn said...

Ah...the joy of laundry. Let's just wait to see how much she likes it when she's my age and doing it for herself. Don't we all love it!

-Auntie and Little sis
Autumn Ariel