Friday, January 18, 2008

Posing for the Camera

A friend who is gifted with photography came over today to take some family pictures. I am so excited to see them and share them with you all! I think we got some great shots.

There are times each day that I wish I had a camera in my eyes so that I could capture them!

Times like...
Evelyn on the changing table just staring at her open hand in front of her face - she has realized how interesting it is!

Getting Evelyn from her swing after a nap. She waves her little arms and kicks her little legs in delight. She has the biggest open mouth grin on her face. This makes me feel so loved, so special, so needed. Some of the best feelings - ever.

Evelyn waking up in the morning - bright-eyed, smiling, yet so calm and mellow.

Evelyn in Daddy's arms - just "chillin'" or drifted away in slumber.

I hope the camera in my mind never forgets these sights!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The photos were I just need a few copies!

Love, Mom