Friday, January 18, 2008

Family Pic

God has truly blessed me as a husband! Today was one of those days when for some reason I saw things through a different lens. I have to just stand back and tell God thank you for blessing me and my family so much. I couldn't have asked for a better wife...and our little Evelyn is so precious. Sometimes I sit back and wonder what I did to deserve such a beautiful wife and daughter and house...and then I wasn't anything I did. God's grace and mercy are what happened. I'm so thankful for where He's brought us from...and where He's taking us to! Our God is good!


Anonymous said...

i am gashping for breath!!!
what a beautiful family and you are so right.... only thru the blood of Jesus and having your life in His hands!!!!
oh my gosh, you look great!!!
amber is absolutely gorgeous (as i have always said)
and evelyn looks like she has grown so much... i can hardly wait to see her again..
whoever your photographer was , did a great job... i love it!!
ps... what a wonderful gift this would make...
love, momB

Trisha said...

Katie did a great job, what an awesome picture. It will look great framed in that new house of yours.

Anonymous said...

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that photo. I hope there were more that turned out!!! I can't wait to see them :) Please send them as soon as you can :)
lots of love,

Carbon said...

Fabulous foto!