Tuesday, June 05, 2007

On my mind

What is on my mind?

1. Our childbirth class last night. It was great - Jason is going to be a great labor coach/partner! We watched a great video that was contemporary and nicely done. We saw several women in labor and saw a birth. I know that I am in for a lot of pain. I really don't want an epidural for many reasons, so just about every day I try to get myself geared up that it is going to hurt like heck to be in labor and deliver this baby. Start praying for me now! I would like to think that I will just be able to push myself and get through it - knowing that the "reward" will be SO worth it when I get to hold our precious little girl in my arms immediately afterward.

2. Our registry. We were so unimpressed with the "big" items that Taget had. We also have been talking to people about the horrific return policy that Target has. I have been looking at Walmart.com and actually have been finding many things that I like better. They carry other styles of items such as car seats and pack 'n plays and have a free shipping to your local Walmart store option for online-only items. The things that they and Target carry the exact same item of, Walmart is also less expensive on. I admit that I shop there all the time - get all my groceries there even. But, for some reason, I didn't want to register there. But, now I already started to! And, I know that they are GREAT with returns, so in case something doesn't work out, they will take it back with little or no hassle. So, please consider shopping at Walmart for us. I know that some people are opposed to going there, but I think we will be happier this way! I have been burned by Target too many times.

3. My friend. I just found something out about her and want to talk with her ASAP. It is all good, so no one worry! But, I hope I can reach her when I leave from work.

4. Should I try bidding on a hotel room on priceline.com? I am tempted, but nervous to get locked into something that I don't want. I am booking a Sunday night in a smaller city, so I can't imagine I am going to get something too horrid...

There are many other things on my mind, but I think I will sign off here. I think I have a work thought somewhere in my brain too (which is good, since I am at work!)

Happy Tuesday! Friday won't be here soon enough!



cjoy said...

Natural childbirth is one of my favorite topics...if you want to know about delivering without an epidural, I would be happy to point you to some fabulous sources that will help prepare you both physically and mentally for going through labor; being very informed about what to expect and what your choices are helps, as does learning coping/relaxing mechanisms. I've taken the course twice and been very pleased. Feel free to email me at jcandb13@yahoo.com if you want.

Carbon said...

Ahhhh, i'm on the other side of the fence. I'd have an epidural hooked up right now if I could :)

Just so you know, the needle didn't hurt going in (labor hurts more) but I applaud you for wanting to try. I dont' really see the point in suffering (for myself that is) and there is no way I would have been able to deliver my son without it. He was so big and coming out with his head facing up instead of down that labor was very long and hard. The numbing helped me push a lot longer and gave me the confidence to keep going instead of saying yes to a C-section.

There are great books and classes on natural childbirth. Wish you luck :)

Jennie C. said...

Dear Amber, I've delivered six babies without an epidural. Not for lack of trying sometimes! I've been blessed with midwives who could see it wasn't necessary and put me off. :-) Consider this: Women have giving birth for thousands of years. It's what we're made for. The drugs? They aren't good for you or the baby.

Now here is something I don't see written often, if at all. Labor is work, as it's name implies. But when you are done, when you have made it through on your own, when you hold that little baby that YOU carried, that YOU delivered...the sense of power, accomplishment and pride is incredible! I know you can do it, especially with a loving husband at your side to feed you ice chips. :-)

Our lovestory... said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies! I appreciate that all of you are so supportive!