Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Satisfied Customer

Jason and I bought a mop at the State Fair two summers ago. I also bought a nail file kit with a "crystal" file and three other files that buff and shine. I am happy to report that I still use both frequently!

We learned our lesson about buying things off of the TV... But, these State Fair purchases have been pleasantly suprising in terms of being actual great products. What is better about the State Fair than corndogs, funnel cakes, caramel apples, and listening to people try to sell you things?

Now, why am I a satisfied customer, you ask? Becuase the mop that I bought, called the Starfiber StarMop PRO broke a couple of weeks ago while I was cleaning (it was totally my fault - I banged the plastic on our backyard railing in a lazy attempt to smack the dust out of the mop head. You are supposed to remove the mop head and shake only that). Anyhow, I was very upset with myself. I really like the mop and have been enjoying it even more now that we have our new floors in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and Baby Girl's room. The mop works great and picks up TONS of dust, etc and can be wet down with vinegar and water for a great clean, too. The mop head itself is very large and covers much more ground than a Swiffer, not to mention that it picks up much more than a Swiffer, has a longer handle, swivels better, and is machine washable. Yes, I really do like this mop.

So, I pouted for quite some time and felt sorry for myself and my mop. I thought I remembered a "100% guarentee" on the mop from the sales people at the State Fair. I found their website when I got to work that Monday and called their customer service line. I quickly got through to a Customer Service Rep and without any questions asked WAS TOLD I WOULD RECEIVE A BRAND NEW MOP BASE IN THE MAIL. I was in shock and awe. "Do you need me to send in the broken part?" I asked. "No." "Do I need to pay for shipping and handling?" "No." I was in so much shock at how quickly my issue was resolved, that I forgot to ask how long it would take for the replacement.

I figured I would be doing quite a bit of Swiffering for quite a long time... But, to my pleasant suprise, within about 7-10 days, a UPS postcard came alerting me that we had a package! (Why the postcard? Baby-brain struck again and I gave the company a combination of our old and new address. Yes, we have lived in our house for over a year...) So, I have a new mop base! I am actually looking forward to cleaning my floors this Saturday!

It is really sad that I never expected to get this piece and thought I would have to bring my mop to the Fair to beg for a replacement! I have obviously come to expect very little from companies these days. Hooray for Starfiber - a good company who sells great mops and excellent microfiber cleaning rags!

Any other satisfied customers out there???

****OOh, one more plug for a great company - we have some credit card points to redeem and decided to go with this Land's End Diaper Bag which Trisha swears by. I wanted to know what the color would look like and requested the free fabric swatch. It came in a matter of days and we look forward to our green diaper bag!


Mrs Marcos said...

We received a very nice Eddie Bauer Bocce Ball set for our wedding 4 years ago. The first time we used it my young cousins played in a public park. When the family picnic was over we couldn't find two of the bocce balls! I was upset that our bocce set was pretty much useless now. I went to the Eddie Bauer website to order the two bocce balls and also to price the carrying case because we'd broken the latch. I added the items to my "shopping cart" and went to check out. Total due...$0.00! Turns out the set was under warranty - even though it was our fault they sent out the two bocce balls AND a new carrying case for NOTHING, we didn't pay shipping or handling either! Initially I thought $50 for a bocce set was kind of high but now I realize you're paying for a quality product from a company that wants your business. I am definitely a sataisfied customer!!

I am going to check out that mop at the fair this fall. Do you use any soap or cleaner when you mop? The website says "just water."

Carbon said...

Gotta love it when company's follow through to make their products and themselves stars! Usually it seems like the other way around!

Our lovestory... said...

Mrs. Marcos~

Thanks for stopping by!

I am from Lakeville...CRAZY! I actually went to Farmington HS, but my dad and step-mom bought their house by Cherryview Elem in Lakeville when I was a junior and I just kept driving to finish at FHS. Small world!

Anyhow, yes, they tell you no soap on the mop - just water, or add a little vinegar to water or spray some vinegar on the pad and wring it out. i usually do the vinegar thing and it works GREAT! Same with the cleaning rag (they threw one in with the purchase of the mop) - no cleaners. I get one end a little damp and wring it out and then use it to dust our furniture and our leather couches.

Stop by again!


Mrs Marcos said...

Wow! Small world! We live right on the border of Apple Valley and Lakeville (off 160th Street and Cedar near Valley Park). I worked with a gal that graduated from Farmington (1994 maybe?)

Anyway, I will look for your mop at the MN state fair in August!