Monday, June 04, 2007

Weekend Update

Congratulations to Steve and Liz!!! Liz was my student worker here at the university last year. She moved to Missouri and has a year of graduate school under her belt. I was honored to be invited to her wedding and see her and Steve unite as one! She was a radiant bride and the whole wedding and reception was lovely. We didn't know anyone there, but it we ended up having a great time because we sat with three other pregnant couples at our reception table! Go figure! We all had a great time talking and comparing notes on pregnancy, as three of the four of us are on our first round! Congrats and best wishes Liz & Steve! May God richly bless your marriage!
Jason and I washed up and put together the changing table and crib on Saturday! It was so fun to get her things into her room and really start imagining her in there! We still need to get a dresser, so we haven't decided where each piece of furniture will go yet (it will depend on the size of the dresser). But, it is awfully fun to look at her little baby doll and blankets in her crib and look at the little hats, socks, and outfits I have picked up and people have blessed us with! SO fun!

On Saturday, Jason also worked diligently to pick up and fix up our basement. He put down the carpet from our upstairs living room in the area adjacent to our laundry area. We are going to store books and other things in that area as well as Jason set up a great little sewing area for me. I will have to get started on Baby's bedroom sewing.
Sunday was filled with a great message from our pastor at church on JOY and the difference between joy and happiness. Joy is found and completed in the Lord, whereas happiness is temporary and found in circumstances. Thankfully, we have had wonderful circumstances lately and have been able to live in both joy and happiness. But, his message was a great reminder of keeping joy in our everyday lives by loving the people around us.

We stayed after church talking to friends and actually closed the church down! We were talking to the youth pastor and his wife (they are due with their first about two months after us) and ended up going to lunch with them. It was great to talk and get to know them better and engage in some true fellowship and "dream sharing." We hope to continue to get to know them better.

Then, about 2 1/2 hours later than anticipated, we headed to Target to register! I had been trying to convince Jason that registering for Baby would not be nearly as long and painstaking as registering for our wedding. I was wrong... I hate to say, but I think that we were there for over 3, maybe close to 4 hours... We did not find a stroller, car seat, or Exercauser there that we liked either. This bummed us out because now we will probably end up going to Babies 'R Us which is a long drive away and is pretty useless to register at since hardly anyone we know could get to one to one of their locations to purchase us something.

Jason was also amazed at how much "stuff" it takes to have a baby. He asked me "how to people in poverty have a baby? They can't possibly buy all of this." This made me think about the fact that you can raise a child with little to nothing - just a few necessities and lots of love. Plenty of people have bathed their kids in the kitchen sink or regular tub - no little baby tubs with hammocks and inflatable duck tubs...

Jason also made fun of me as I registered for pack upon pack of onesies. I tried to explain that they wear them under everything, "spoil" them often, and grow out of them quickly (hence, registering for several packs of every size!) Onesies are one thing moms tell me you can never have enough of! I have purchased quite a few at garage sales. So, maybe I did go overboard. We'll have to wait and see!

I am looking forward to sneaking a peek onto our online registry today and see all of what is on there. I realized that I forgot onesie type t-shirts. (Last time I helped with my newborn little sisters and brothers, you had to use these until their umbilical cord falls off, right?...)
Well, I think that is all for now! We start our childbirth classes tonight! Very exciting, too!

And, I have my glucose test to look forward to at 7:45 a.m. tomorrow - YESSS!!! (That was a totally facetious remark - I hear it is nasty drinking that syrupy stuff).

Oh, and apparently I made it sound like I lost my purse last week. I knew that I left it at home - knew it was exactly where I always drop it when I walk in the door. I was just feeling a little silly that I managed to forget to bring it with me to work! So, it was never lost, but it was found, right where I knew it would be when I returned home on Thursday!


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