Friday, June 16, 2006

Bathroom Adventures Part II

The old ceiling fan was not cutting it. Our walls would be dripping water after showers! Sorry ol' bessy, time to retire and make room for SuperFan 2000.
Do ceiling fans have large talons? Kids remember this: If you think it's going to take 2 hours to fix something, it will really take 6!
Attic man! Amber loves attic man despite his strange breathing mechanism.
Oh no! It's the attic man! (I heard he runs around up there in the early a.m. hours)
The infamous avacado sink that has only seen nothing but love from us. (I loved it, and it's growing on Amber)
So here is our small, yet perfect for us main bathroom, complete with SUPER TOILET to fullfill all our flushing needs.


momB said...

i absolutely LOVE your blog.. love the colors, love the pics, love the humorous writings,and i also love
the "attic man"...

Sarah said...

so momb....will you put up a blog or just comment on others ??? :)