Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Friday morning chaos...

So, what could Amber have been doing to have lost a diamond out of her wedding ring, you ask???

Well...since there was some chaos in the bathroom on friday morning, I am guessing that I lost it in during or after the "incident." So, I am ready for work - showered and basically ready to go. I was warm blow drying my hair, so my shirt wasn't on yet. Jason was brushing his teeth while I was curling my hair... His eyes got wider and he froze as he watched me juggle the flaming hot iron (now dubbed the evil stick) as it got caught in my hair and proceeded to fall! My instinct was to grab it - not thinking about how incredibly hot it was. I pulled it towards my middle to try and catch it. I sizzled the side of my stomach but managed to eventually grab the evil stick by the cord. I stood in shock and let out some high-pitched scream I am sure. In the midst of the shock I don't recall the rest of the events entirely. Jason mumbled many "are you okay's" and I think I responded with many whiny "it hurts really bad" comments!

I needed to get to work (if you know me you also know that I am not a morning person and only get up early enough to just make it to work on time), so I was running around like a mad-woman ocassionally shrieking in pain in in denial that I had a pretty serious injury! I kept saying "what am I going to do? It hurts so bad!" I could not let anything touch it - even the air on it killed. So, I scrambled to assemble a lunch and headed out the door in pain, unsure of how I'd cope with the injury once I got to work (especially wondering how working with my shirt half-way up was going to go over at the office!)

Then, cut to Jason's previous post, my morning got even better as I totally LOST IT in the car when I realized that I was missing a side diamond of my three-stone wedding ring! We raced back to the house and tore it apart. I was an physical and emotional wreck at this point. The burn was welting and growing into its enormity (I have an approximate 2" by 4" welt") over time. Defeated, Jason headed to work, and I headed to a daze of wondering how this pleasant Friday morning turned into such a chaotic, painful, and overwhelming experience.

I was in no state to go to work and was in quite a bit of pain. I bandaged myself up in non-stick gauze with triple antibiotic, doped up on Tylenol, and made a visit to our friends at Koehn & Koehn Jewelers.

I still am wearing the lovely guaze and medical tape get-up, and don't forsee forgoing it anytime in the near future. It still hurts quite a bit! Hopefully it won't be too doosy of a scar!

That's all for my first fun-filled blog post! Sorry, I won't be injuring myself in bizarre ways just for your entertainment - the posts might be more mundane in the future!


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