Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The first home project - 1/2 bath!

We worked dilligently to complete our first project in the home - our 1/2 bathroom. If you can't tell - we got a digital camera!!! Thus, the many new picture posts! So, the "before" pics are not ready yet - still in the 35mm camera. But, the transformation is incredible! This bathroom started off with hideous country blue flowered and polka-dot wallpaper, a rusty medicine chest, and big ugly oak strip with giant ball light fixtures. We had to try and work with the yellow tiling, so we think we did our best to make it all "work." Jason did a great job learning how to patch holes in drywall. There was a lot of scraping and sanding as well due to the thick wallpaper glue residue. I am proud of my sewing job on the curtains. It is hard to tell, but the fabric is striped with the yellow of the tiles, the blue/green of the walls, and the brown of the rugs. All we need now is some artwork for the walls!

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