Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Work in Progress...

We have moved onto the next project, our one and only full bath. Notice the lovely stenciling - a nice "country bumpkin" feel! Also notice the GINORMOUS toilet! It is not only raised, but elongated, too! YESSSSS!!!!!! It is brand new though, so it is staying. We also do not have a tub - only the shower stall, complete with handicap bars and all! Jason has begun utilizing his drywall patching skills in patching the hole where another rusty medicine chest was randomly placed at the back of the bathroom (the couple who owned the house raised 8 children there, so I am sure that mirror space was hard to come by - hence the randomly placed medicine chest!) Also, Jason has begun taking out the floor which is so old it is chipping away in some spots, but is also really sticking in others. We visited The Home Depot last night and purchased a new fan (the current one is about 100 decibals and still doesn't work), new flooring, paint (color to be a suprise :-))and new baseboards (we had commercial plastic/rubber ones...) We are so excited to be continuing the renovations and I am so proud of Jason - what a hard worker! He is so persistent and willing to learn all sorts of new things! Way to go, honey!

We'll try to take some other pics of the rest of the house and post them since many of you haven't been able to see it in person yet!

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