Thursday, June 22, 2006


Well, I (Amber) learned what being "tagged" is today. Someone posts a "tag" to you on their blog and then are supposed to respond and "tag" someone else. My friend from work and fellow new "blogger," Trisha, tagged me with this!

I am - a Christian, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a hope-er, but a worrier, too! :-)

I want - to leave a legacy...

I hate - black licorice, fish (eating them, that is), walking outside barefoot and dirty feet, people walking inside with wet shoes, people who don't use their turn signals, people who talk down to me, tapered jeans, Barenaked Ladies music and other bands that sound like them, horror flicks, waking up to an alarm clock

I love - Jesus, my perfect gift-my beloved husband, my family, being a big sister, candy and baked goods(basically anything with sugar in it!), backrubs from my hubby, NAPS and cuddling up with blankets, praying, God-incidents, traveling, dancing, singing, performing, worshipping, accessory shopping (including purses, shoes, jewelry, etc.), laughing, relaxing, reading, and the list goes on....

I miss - seeing family members more often, my Grandma Jan who's up in heaven, sleeping in on weekdays, dancing/singing/performing

I fear - heights, that family members will become ill

I hear - the faint hum of my computer, keyboards clicking outside my office

I wonder - what our children will look like (don't get any ideas anyone - we're not pregnant! :-))what heaven is like, why people get hiccups

I regret - blurting things out without thinking sometimes...

I am not - a morning person

I dance - whenever I see dancing on TV (So You Think You Can Dance is awesome! I have been dancing around the house a lot lately! We have a mirror at the end of our hallway that I like to check my lines in!)

I am not always - serious, I love to be silly with Jason and with my sisters

I make with my hands - food every day, the occasional crocheting or sewing project, little tin foil balls out of candy wrappers (haha Jason!!!)

I write - text on work mailers and letters, emails, blog entries, cards and letters to family and friends

I confuse - people when I try to give them driving directions (I insert too many landmarks!)

I need - lots of love and support from God, Jason, family and friends

I should - read my Bible more, exercise more, and be better and staying in touch with friends

I start - sewing and crocheting projects...and don't finish them...

I finish - the last drop of things in cans and bottles when cooking - can't let things go to waste!!!

Well folks, that was fun!

I tag Jason and Sarah!!!


Our lovestory... said...

Yeah, I can't stand balled up candie's disgusting! -Jason

Our lovestory... said...

So, we like to have the occasional candy and movie night. Whenever we have candy that comes in tinfoil wrappers (Hershey kisses, rolos, etc.) I have this tendency to ball up the tinfoil, usually enclosing one little ball in another wrapper. It is funny because I do so that no little chocolate pieces get smeared on things and to keep it overall "tidy" in my chocolate eating area. However, Jason is really bugged by this. He leaves the wrappers scattered and tattered. I never thought that this would be one of the things that we noticed about each other! :-) Amber